The Latest And Hottest Hairstyles For Teens: Summer 2013 Update

Even if cheerleading is not your cup of tea, there is really no reason you shouldn’t go through high school looking like the rock star you are. So here are a few hair style ideas to take you from looking blah, to having the confidence of teen models when you walk down the halls.

Sweeping Side Fringe

Shailene Woodley Layered Hairstyle with Bangs

This seemingly simple hairdo with the sweeping side fringe and the highlights is great for anyone interested in sweet, cute, wholesome appeal. It probably won’t work well if your style is scruffy rock star!

Short & Messy

This short, messy do is great if you had rather not be bothered with a hundred brush stokes through your hair at lunch every day. It is sassy, edgy, and chic and is also just the thing if you want to stand out in school.

Retro Meets Modern: Perfect for Teenage Girls with Medium Hair

We love this retro-modern look and the eyes are not the only thing it accentuates. Yes it is very Adele, and it works wonderfully with any bone structure. To recreate this style, you may need to backcomb he area immediately behind the bangs. Then put the band around the backcombed area and arrange the sides and the bangs to frame the face.

Stand Out Curly

This is very individual, unique, and wonderful. It makes you stand out though, so if you are in the habit of getting into trouble, you might want to abstain once you have this hairdo on because it tends to make your face unforgettable.

Every Girl's Favourite: Bring It on

Yes it looks like something out of ‘Bring it on’ which is why we are fans in the first place. If your aim is to get the homecoming crown sometime in the near future, you should probably begin your campaign by cultivating this look. It is a very simple low ponytail, braid and secure the tips with a band!

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Posted by Oliva 25-Nov-2012
My hair is medium-long, brown, wavy, and shiny. I wear my hair in a low ponytail or half up half down style everyday. I am only 12 but what are some cute teen hairstyles that I can try out? I don't wanna cut my hair, but are there any hairdos to try that are pretty, cute, and teenagerish?

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