How to Select the right Hair Style - Choosing Best Hairstyle according to face shapes

Modern hair reflects the easy mood of fashion and beauty. Your hair should complement your clothes and make- up but more importantly it should suit your personality. Nevertheless your lifestyle, hair type and texture, and face shape all play a part in the decision on the right style for you.

Do you have the time and patience to cope with a style that needs complex care? Does your job demand neat, short or tied-back hair? Would you be better to choose a shaggy cut that needs little attention? Can you afford costly re-touching of an all over colour change?

Recognize your Face Shape and Select Hairstyle

Pear shaped faceHair styles for Pear shaped face

A pear shaped face has a wide forehead, narrow chin area and small cheekbones. Choose a hair style with volume between the ears and shoulders. Avoid short crops hairstyle and hair tied back in a ponytail.

Oval shaped faceHair styles for Oval shaped face

An oval shaped face is wide near the temples narrowing down towards the chin. This is considered a near-perfect shape and means you can choose practically any style you fancy.

Round shaped faceHair styles for Round shaped face

A round shape needs to be given an illusion of slimness. To do this choose a short hairstyle with waves and soft movement rather than a halo of curls. Center partings and full fringes should be avoided.

Heart shaped face Hair styles for Heart shaped face

A heart shaped face has a wide forehead and narrow chin. It looks super with a shaggy hairstyle with lots of volume.

Hair styles for Square shaped face

A square face has strong angular lines. Avoid very short hair styles as they can appear rather harsh. Instead try chin length looks with softness and texture. Accentuating the cheekbones with a drawn back style and fullness at the back of head can look stunning.

Hair styles for Long and Thin face

A long and thin face should not be accentuated by wearing hair hanging straight. Choose a style with softness and plenty of width. A bob cut is the perfect choice.

Visitors Comment on "Choosing hairstyle for Right Face Shape"

I have an odd shaped face and as i m young its kind of fat. I would say it more close to an oval shape face. The last hair-style i had was a sweaping fringe and layer's but the side parting was to much for me and i grew out of it as i decided it was not for me. My style of clothing is sort of emo-ish so I would like a good hair style that would suit my style like an emo fringe but im unsure on exactly what to have my mum says being young my hair will grow fat out of whatever i have but i just want something different that suit's me. My hair has odd waves init and this makes my face look fatter so i use straightner's. This is a very long comment but i would just like the right advice on what to have. if you would like a photograph jus ask and i can arrange for me to send one. it would be very much appriciated if you replied soon thankyou. Nicola.

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