3 Prom Updo Inspiration

Choosing an Updo can be challenging as there are different types like bun, half-updo, messy updos, celebrity updo hairstyles and more. Here are some inspiration that can look great on anyone.

Sleek Bun

sleek bun for promOne of the prom updo hairstyles that you may want to consider is the sleek bun. It is a version of the bun that is kept very neat. The front of the hair will be kept entirely sleek, while the bun itself will usually be somewhat tight and well rounded.

For an idea of how this prom updo style looks, look up pictures of formal bun hairstyles. Keep in mind that you may find other variations of the bun that may make a great choice for a prom hairstyle. A sleek bun will generally work best on girls with straight to wavy hair.

Messy Updos

messy prom updo photoThe messy updo is a great choice for girls with wavy to curly hair, as it is generally meant to be kept pretty free and wild for the most part - hence the word "messy Updo" in its name.

It is a lot like a bun, except it will be kept messy and curly. You will usually leave several tendrils of hair in front of the face. A messy updo looks great when accompanied by a hair accessory of some sort, such as flowers or a tiara.


loose ponytail prom updoAlthough the idea of wearing a ponytail for prom may not sound so appealing to you, it can be a great choice. Whether you want to wear the hair leading to the ponytail somewhat poofy or if you want it sleek, it can look really great. There are other options to consider, such as side ponytails, loose low ponytails, how high you want the ponytail to be worn and if you want to add hair accessories to this prom hairstyle.

Ponytails can work great on any hair type, but it will really depend on the specific type of ponytail that you want to wear to prom.

No matter what you choose, a prom updo hairstyle can definately look very elegant. One of the most important things that you should remember is that it is best to try to stick with updos that work with the hair type that you naturally have. The main reason is because you will want to make sure that your hair is willing to work with you when the prom day actually comes. If you are choosing a prom hairstyle meant for straight haired girls when your hair is incredibly curly, it is best to either reconsider - or at least have a back up option or two available to choose from in case things should go wrong.

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