Georgeous Prom Hairstyles You should Consider in 2013

Prom may well be every high school student’s dream night – and with good reason. Now while you are tying yourself in knots obsessing over what to wear, you might also want to keep in mind that a hairstyle is 50% of the dressing.

Here are some helpful suggestions on what hairstyles to use for your prom night: Choose from classic updos and half-updo to new-in - messy bun style or a loose side ponytail.

Lovely Classic Half-Updo for Prom

We were totally bowled over by this one. To imitate the look, simply make certain your hair is clean and dry. Another option for this style is to add one little braid to this. Here’s how: After you have brushed the hair, create a center parting whilst backcombing the crown to maximize volume. Create a three-strand braid and tie off the ends with a rubber band. Then you can pin the back of the hair into place with a hair pin or something.

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Silky Curls

Jeweled Pony

Twisted Knot

Soft Tease

Polished Pony

Sleek Twist


Yes we were also of the opinion that a prom isn’t all this medieval hairstyle is good for.

Thankfully, you can re-create the hairstyle by simply gathering the front of your hair atop your head and then twist the tip and hold it and hair gathered from the sides in place with pins. Then twist and pin into place. Then you can simply braid the ends loosely and secure the very tip with a band.

Twisted Prom Updo

 This is the French or herring bone twist and the look can be duplicated if you part your hair into small sections and create the twist on each of them then gather the braids from either side and pin in the centre of the head or close to your nape.

Section off a fringe area; then split the hair into sections and create inverted French braids on each braiding until the center back. Then secure all the loose ends and use a large barrel iron to create one big curl.

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 Simply tong your hair into loose flowing waves and then pinup the front as shown above.

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