Ponytail Hairstyles with Pictures of Different Ways of Wearing

Ponytails are classic and easy hairstyles that can be worn as a last-minute fashion, as a fallback plan for a bad hair day, as a athletic hairstyle, or as a fun and flirty or graceful and sophisticated style. They suits all personality and various face shapes. Ponytails are a versatile hairstyles that can be personalized to suit just nearly any face shape, type, texture or style of hair.

Ponytail Hair Style Picture

Why Ponytail Hairstyles are so Popular?

Ponytails hairstyles look fabulous not only when worn by young girls but also look chic and classy on a mature age women.

Ponytails are most appropriate type of hair style during an exercise or related athletic activities.

Ponytail hair style easily go with many fashion accessories and highlights earrings and neck jewellery. Different options are available for styling a ponytail. Wear it using a plain hair-band or use many accessories like scrunchies, claws and cloth bands can transform this simple style to a beautiful formal hairstyle.

They are considered as carefree, quick-to-made styles most suitable for many purposes and work as a base for other elaborate hairstyles such as updos and braids.

Popular ponytail hair styles include

As a messy look yet stylish.
Sleek and simple ponytails
Sideways styles for a flirty look.
Double tails that are mostly common with children.

Steps to Make a Beautiful Ponytail

  1. First comb your hair smoothly to remove any tangles and add some styling mousse to dried hair.
  2. Choose a desired parting and style the front hair.
  3. Take a rubber band around your wrist, gather the hair between your thumb and palm and secure it by inserting it into a strap of the band.

Some Maintenance Tips for Ponytail Hair Styles: If your hair tangles easily then use a good hair conditioner and Protect your hair from direct sun-rays.

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