Stunning Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Bob hairstyles work for all age, hair types and different face shapes. The length of a bob hair style is usually kept between the shoulders and chin, but it can be chosen according to the shape of a person's face. One can choose from various bobs such as bangs can be added, razor cut towards the ends, etc.

2013 Latest Pictures of Bob Hairstyles

Short Bob Hairstyles
cute bob hairstyles Short Bob Haircut

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It would be wise to get the bob at a medium length cut, that way if you are unsatisfied with the results, there where be enough hair left so you can improve the cut by making it shorter. Or you can wait a few weeks until your hair grows back.

Why Bob Hairstyle is Popular

1.There are various styling options for bob available which can be tailored to suit your face shape and type. Bobs can be styled with bangs or no-bangs, side or straight partings, sleek or curly, angled or straight, ear length or long

2. Short styles are more easily manageable which can be washed, dried and ready within minutes than other hairstyles like medium and long.

3. It is fun to wear such as the asymmetrical bob and it would be great if you added highlights along with volume to make this look absolutely amazing. It can be worn casually or formally that makes it so unique.


Bob Hairstyle Picture
Bob Hairstyle Picture looks great and easy to manage.

1. Modify the bob by changing the shape not losing the length. Cut some layers into it. Flip the ends out.

2. Use contrasting colours to highlight your hair. You may use a darker shade on top and lighter as you cover ends.

3. To get the scrunched bob style, use the dryer on the roots of your hair. You may use a diffuser on the blower and scrunch your hair pushing fullness while drying add a little styling foam and scrunch the hair with ends. Backcombing and crown will get its a complete shape.

4. Highlights look great with bob hairstyle, enhances the hair texture and add a stylish and fashionable edge to the haircut.

Bob Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Stylish bob hair styles needs to be cut accurately. A bob can be cut at ear level to hair just at the shoulders. Bob haircut on people with curly hair gives great result if hair are of longer cut variety. Shorter cut variety should not opt for bob hair cut

Mod and Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Mod styles are highly fashionable with celebrities and popular artists. Mod style is similar to bob hair style apart from being more texture to the cut and heavy bangs to the hair. Usually styling products are used with mod style. Asymmetrical bob style in which one side of head has much longer or shorter hair than the other side of the head. Asymmetrical bob style can also be achieved by cutting hair on the back of the head much shorter than on the side and cutting the bangs in asymmetrical fashion.

Posted by Zea Peck 14-Jan-2008
I have a bob i want to have a different hairstyle then having it down all the time what can i do?

Posted by Johnne Rose 06-Dec-2007
I want a bob short in back and long and straight coming towards my face to my chin

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