Black Hair Weaves Styles Video with Pictures

Hair weaves, allow black hair, the versatility they were once unable to attain. Hair weaving is a process of doing hair, where synthetic or real hair is woven into your own hair. There are two basic ways to weave hair. One is traditional, where the woman's own hair is braided into corn rows. Then the synthetic or real hair is woven in an intricate way into the woman's hair. In this process special needles and thread are used to sew in the hair.

How weave styles are done?

After you have found your hair stylist, you need to pick the hair style you wish to achieve. It doesn't matter if your own hair is short or long. You can pick a long weave style if you have short hair. And you can choose a short hair style, if your own hair is long. So, here again, comes the versatility of this hair style.

Weaves Wonder

Heavy Weaves

Sweet n Short


  1. Find a good hairstylist who you can trust for your styling and hair care.
  2. Another way of achieving these black hair weave styles, is through the use of glue. The seams of the fake hair are glued, and then put in place onto the woman's hair. This gluing process is typically done in sections, to achieve a specific style.
  3. The benefit of weaving is that the style can last as long as two weeks, in some cases longer.

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