Kids Hairstyles - Pictures of Girls & Boys haircuts

When selecting a haircut for your child, only one rule goes - hairstyle should focus on 2 aspects: easy to manage and cute looking. Have a look at our tips on girls and boys hairstyles below:

Young Girls Hairstyles

Deciding on what type of haircut for a girl can take a little bit of time to figure out what type of hairstyle or haircut is best for their hair. The factors that one must consider when styling a girls hair are the texture, length, fineness or thickness of the children hair. Here are some popular girl's hairstyles that are easy to manage.

baby Suri Bob hairstyle bob

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The Bob hairstyle is a short layered cut that the hair reaches just below the earlobes. This is a nice look for a girl that either has thick or fine hair. So this look can be for any hair type and it is very easy to manage, just brush, comb and go.

short pixie haircut for girls baby pixie Pixie Cut is ideal for girls with fine hair. Since this is a short hairstyle it is easy to maintain and works as an instant result for girls with fine hair, making it a very desirable girl's haircut.  
braided girls style cute braids for kids French Braid Hairstyle for Kids - the French braid is a classic hairstyle for girls. This look can be easily obtained by taking both sides of the girl's hair as if you were forming a ponytail, than pull the hair back and start to braid down the center. This type of girl's hairstyle is usually managed weekly or bi-weekly since hair tends to grow when it is braided.  

It is best to keep the kids hairstyle simple until they are 10 years old because young children are so active all the time and not be able to take care of their hair. Of course, you have their hair styled in a fashionable way on some special occasions.

Boys Haircuts Ideas

Popular boy cuts consist of the buzz cut, the bowl cut, the fade and the layer cut. Just to name a few, there are many other types of boys hairstyles such as the spike cut and the crew cut that are also held desirable to many.
Check out pictures for boys short haircuts, curly hair and long lengths

boys buzz haircut boys buzz haircut

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The Buzz Cut for Kids
This type of haircut is a super short and very trendy look that is created by using short sheared clippers and creating a "buzz" effect.

kids boys layered style kids curly layered The Layered Cut
This hairstyle look can be created by cutting the hair in layers in different parts of the head, so that the hair will flow naturally but give a nice flowing layered look.
casesar haircut for kids   The Caesar Cut
This is a short haircut where the hair is brushed forward but cut in a very short length. This is obviously called a Caesar cut because this was the style of the great roman emperor Julius Caesar
boys face hairstyle   The Fade
Fade Haircut is a nice little style and easy to maintain. This style is where the kids hair is cut low on the top and the sides are completely shaven.
boys bowl haircut The Bowl Cut
This hairstyle is a cut that gets the name from the old times where an actual bowl was placed on one's head to give children the perfect cut.


  1. KIds are active and careless so choose a low-maintenance style for them.
  2. Do regular oil massage to the girls / boys hair. Don't let them dry and damage.
  3. Back To School Hairstyles
  4. Hair accessories looks awesome on young girls, choose from fany hair clips, bow hairbands, ribban bands, flowers etc.
  5. Look for kids salons in your area and show them a photo of the hairstyle you want for your kids or explain them. Also, make sure your little one is happy with the new look.

Some More Pictures

Girl Kids Hairstyle Picture Girl Kids Hairstyle Picture Girl Kids Hairstyle Picture
Toddler cute hair style picture boys haircut photo boys haircut photo

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